Friday, January 31, 2014


Perspective changes the way I see myself in many ways. The first picture is a back shot which in my eyes displays who I am in reality. You cannot make faces from a back shot unlike a front photo. The second photo was chosen because with the perspective being an angle shot(not looking at camera), it conveys "what I'm doing" with out myself telling the camera so. 

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  1. These two images of you definitely provide contrasting perspectives. In the second action shot, where you are "not looking at camera," you are "doing" rather than "posing" for the picture. (it's possible this is true for photo 1 as well, yes?). These two photos prompted me to ask a lot of questions/want to know more: what kind of mood/story is conveyed by photos 1 and 2 (and why?). What do each of these photos tell the viewer about you? I wanted to know more, with more details about what you "saw" in the photos to give different perspectives of yourself.