Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Best Friend


This captured moment truly is one of my most treasured photos of all time. Depending on the viewer, it has the potential to speak a million words. It’s a fact that if you know Cristiano Barbosa aka “Boza”, this picture will speak infinitively. Throughout my four years of High School, I had the pleasure and beautiful experience to be best friends with him. The thing about Cristiano is that he’s not a typical friend or person. In fact, just through a simple conversation with him can unfold his true meaning of life, to touch people’s heart. Myself and everyone else, can conclude that the bond created between you and Cristiano is extraordinary. Our bond was “absolutely unreal” as we once agreed, and others thought our bond was a little too much. It can definitely be seen in the photo of us two goons, as I’m flossing his teeth “For the Boys”. Boza and I knew of each other throughout high school, but unfortunately he and I didn’t open up until senior year. My favorite trait about Boza is how you don’t need to do much with him to have a good time. Just his presence was a gift enough because when accompanied by Chris, it’s always a thrilling time. Easily, I can say that I’ve never laughed harder with anyone else. It felt like once we started to laugh, the laughter arose more and more, just like our bond and friendship.  Not once have I ever seen Boza upset or in an angered mood. Endless amounts of smiles were shared from him to the world thus attracting so many people in his life. Chris has a somewhat magnetic connection with others. It’s inevitable not to love the kid, no matter what kind of person you are. Just the way Chris views life reflects beautifully upon the person he is. We always talked about how we had the same perspective towards life and how grateful we were to be breathing. “What a beautiful day it is at East Providence High School Baby!” was usually the conversation starter for us, rain or shine. Cristiano cherishes everything and everyone surrounding him. Having Cristiano Barbosa’s presence in one’s life is one of the best presents you can receive, even if it means his presence can only be re-lived through memories now. Rest in Peace Cristiano Barbosa.


Friday, February 14, 2014

This family photo speaks many words. First being, the photo was unintentionally captured outside with a beautiful scenery in the background. This holds such significance because my family is adventurous and thrives for the outdoors. The photo also shows how close we all are together, literally. When I first looked at this picture it seemed quite like a normal photo of the family, then when analyzing it, a greater meaning unfolded. Once again we did not purposely arrange the order of which each family member stands. Looking thoroughly on the positioning, it somewhat symbolizes who's closest to who within the family. For instance, my brother is closest to my mom in the photo(and in real life) as my sister is closest to my mom and dad. My brother and I are most distant in the photo as we are in real life. Don't get me wrong, overall we are a close family.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Still life

To wait or to go is the question today
It's dark and light I must certainly say
I want to head out before falling asleep
But the way its looks, I'll be counting sheep
It's gloomy it's delightful, please no more nyquil
The light is frightful as the dark is brightful
To wait or to go is the question tonight
It's now 12:01 on this beatiful night
(photo is suppose to be uploaded darker)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Contrasting Art

Troy Derrick
In the pieces of arts known as; “Olympia. 1863” and “Venus of Urbino. 1538”, illustrated by Musee D’Orsay and Uffizi Gallery, it demonstrates two different perspectives for the viewer. Each artist built the contrast of their works around a naked women. In “Olympia” it gives off a more superior vibe where in “Venus” a relaxed, soothing mood is portrayed instead.
                Furthering into Olympia’s illustration, the naked women herself, releases many reasons of why a superior vibe is taken. First being, the posture of her head is highly straight which a dominant feeling when viewing is. Also since her legs are crossed in a dominant way, it adds reasoning to herself. Lastly the naked women has a black lady behind her holding flowers, where it could be her servant.
                In “Venus” the naked women in this photo is more relaxed and gives off the same vibe to the viewer. She looks as if she is posing for the photo in a pleasant way where in the other illustration, the pose demonstrates a queen. What I love about “Venus’ is that the whole room is available for view, even the outside sky.
                In Conclusion, each piece of art sends out a different perspective than each other. Some of what can be an illusion, created questioning to “What is really happening” in the photo. When analyzing each art thoroughly, it’s mind blowing what you can pull out of it.


Perspective changes the way I see myself in many ways. The first picture is a back shot which in my eyes displays who I am in reality. You cannot make faces from a back shot unlike a front photo. The second photo was chosen because with the perspective being an angle shot(not looking at camera), it conveys "what I'm doing" with out myself telling the camera so.